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More that a yoga art, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a life style and all practices connected to it are based on a spirit of community (Sangat) and the wish to serve others and help them reach their highest potential to become "Healthy, Happy, and Holy".

AJAI ALAI AWAKENING is a Kundalini yoga school delivering awareness and community-building programs, with the intention to raise the consciousness of human beings to help them build a strong base in positive habits and live a healthier and happier life.

AJAI ALAI AWAKENING offers Kundalini yoga teacher training in several countries and supports the spiritual and professional growth of students and Kundalini Yoga teachers in Asia, Europe and Australia, with a view of empowering them to take in turn the lead for spreading the teachings.

Ajai Alai Awakening - Kundalini Yoga - Austria - China - Asia


The first step towards AAA was in 2008 with the creation in China by Satmukh Singh of Yoga Gaia, to promote his workshops on Yogi Bhajan's teachings. Yoga Gaia expanded quickly and soon a team of committed Chinese students joined forces. In 2011, Satmukh Singh initiated a Teacher Training for Kundalini Yoga in South China with Sat Sarbat Kaur. Since then, Sat Sarbat Kaur who had been training teachers in Austria since 2003, came to join the Yoga Gaia team as a full time collaborator. 

After their marriage in 2012, Sat Sarbat & Satmukh founded AJAI ALAI AWAKENING, an international school offering teacher trainings and awareness programs. By respectively expanding their knowledge and experience in specific fields, they support, inspire and teach each other about their new discoveries in the field of healing and consciousness. They share the common goal to build strong communities where people may support and inspire each other for healing, growth and conscious living. AAA's spirit is one of inclusion and everyone wanting to contribute in a way or the other is welcome. 

Since 2012, AAA has been growing and the team of teachers and trainers has been expanding! If you have a special gift that you want to share or want more information, please Contact Us.

Satmukh Singh - Sat Sarbat Kaur - Ajai Alai Awakening - China - Asia - Austria - Australia - Kundalini Yoga

Satmukh Singh Khalsa & Sat Sarbat Kaur Khalsa, Founders of AAA