Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival - ajai alai awakening

Kundalini yoga, a lifestyle for Health and Prosperity. A path toward a new sense of community opent to all!

“By giving from the heart, we reconnect to that source, elevating our soul and fulfilling our destiny. [...]” - Yogi Bhajan

Austrian Kundalini Yoga Festival

When: 2018 June 14-17 / 2019 June 19-23

Where: Austria, Tamanga

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European Kundalini Yoga Festival

When: 2018 July 28 - August 05

Where: France, Mur-de-Sologne

Every year 10 days in July / August, 3 days white tantra (, about 2000 participants.
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European Kundalini Yoga Festival AAA

Australian Kundalini Yoga Festival

When: 2019 October 04 - 07

Where: Sydney, Mangrove Yoga Ashram (1,5 hours drive)

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Summer Solstice

Every year 10 days in June, 3 days white tantra (, about 2000 participants.
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Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival

Topic of the Festival 2017

Remember your Truth & Expand your Radiance
Nobility, Compassion, Kindness & Victory

Day 1: November 2, NOBILITY

Nobility is cultivated only when one consciously relates to one’s spirit and flow of the soul and one feels the total divinity within. It is a manifestation of divinity. Nobility takes one away from temptation, anger, lust, greed, unvirtuous and unrighteous living. It gives one a qualifying factor to impress everybody without impressing. [...] The way one talks, walks, sees, deals, serves, gets served, is a total sum of one’s living behavior. There is a tremendous flow of spirit in a noble person [...]. Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Day 2: November 3, COMPASSION

“There is no intimacy without compassion.
There is no love without compassion.
There is no community without compassion.
It is caring and compassion; the rest is all a joke.
Never be selfish - be caring, be compassionate, be kind.” - Yogi Bhajan

Day 3: November 4, KINDNESS

“Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace in the world, peace among all nations is the need of the day. Without peace there can be no prosperity, love, affection, and prosperous family. Peace has a price which we have to pay. Kindness and service is the way.” - Yogi Bhajan

Day 4: November 5, VICTORY

“You must know the depth so you can determine the height. You must know corruption so you can know honesty. You must know tragedy so you can celebrate victory.” - Yogi Bhajan

When & Where?

Kunming, Yunnan, China.

November 02-05.

Oct. 30-Nov 01: Trainers Forum & Teachers Forum.

The place is located in the middle of the mountains (about 1800 m. high), one hour and a half from Kunming airport by car. There is a capacity in rooms for 450 people. Yunnan is one of the most beautiful province in China know for its diversity. An exceptional location for the 5th edition of the Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival!

(for the coming years, the dates will be 01-06 october 2018, 03-06 November 2019 and 01-06 October 2020).

chinese kundalini yoga festival - ajai alai awakening

Seva kaur, Tarn Taran Kaur and Japbir Kaur teaching at the Festival in 2016

General Intention since 2012

Celebrate your body, mind, soul and step towards your True Self

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience" – Yogi Bhajan.

As we begin our journey into the Aquarian Age we are experiencing the labour pains of a new consciousness. These are turbulent times, calling for integrity and balance. Kundalini Yoga can help us integrate all the facets of ourselves and help us stay in touch with our centre. We understand that all our encounters and exchanges with others are really about meeting ourselves and in this way we always have the sense of being of where we need to be - regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

The Chinese Kundalini Yoga festival offers a truly unique transformative space. A place where we gather together as a community to physically manifest our highest aspirations and then once inspired and rejuvenated return home to act as a bridge for the wider world to a new way of being.

Satmukh Sat Sarbat Chinese Kundalini Yoga festival

Celestial Communication with the Seva Group Leaders on the stage lead by Sat Sarbat kaur & Satmukh Singh

The Spirit of the Festival

reading the guruThe Festival is a community event based on selfless service (seva) which means that the organisation is based on voluntary work to serve the community. It is a non-profit event. The festival belongs to the community and all Kundalini Yoga schools and centers in China are welcome to participate.

The festival is an opportunity to experience what is Kundalini Yoga, its life-style and the values of a dharmic life according to the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The diversity of themes and teachers makes the festival a great opportunity to discover Kundalini Yoga and also to deepen your practice. It also offers a family space and includes a children camp.

The Festival is also a place to give an opportunity for local teachers to share their experience and teach workshops on topics that inspire them. It is also a platform for exchange with experienced international KY teachers.

We believe that such an event carries important values to inspire a society of service, respect and love.

International Teachers

Detailed program not defined yet for 2017. International who have confirmed are Hari Charn Kaur, Satmukh Singh, Sat Sarbat Kaur, Seva Kaur and Tarn Taran Kaur.

Program & Fees

Various Kundalini Yoga & Healing Workshops, Live Music, Gurdwara, Akhand Pad, Seva, Games, Jappa, Celebration, Bazar, ...

Please Contact Us to receive a detailed program and the Fees for the festival.

Videos from the previous festivals