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Every month, AQUARIAN COMMUNITY publishes a Newsletter me in WE & we in ME to keep us in touch around the world. It includes a monthly Aquarian Numerology to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings using the Tantric Numerology, the 10 Spiritual Bodies, the qualities of the numbers, the life of the 10 Gurus, .... Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.

2019 Aquarian Numerology

Newsletter me in WE & we in ME

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July 07/2019

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Rest & assess
From expectation(s) to inclusion
Deeper understanding

Aquarian Numerology July 2019

Entering July (7), we might feel that we are running empty. Our active mind has been consuming a lot of prana. Disconnected from our physical body, we were not aware of when to rest and relax. We might need a break and bring some lightness into our lives. This slow-down period is an opportunity to look back and assess where we are at, enriched from the experiences of the first part of the year. No need to ruminate on the past with regret or resentment, it is gone. No need to use our intellect and analyze the past. It is more about using a clear mind to contemplate neutrally where we are at and to learn from the past. This will help us to plan the second part of the year and to find the right projection and attitude to carry our truth.
"When a person has the energy and power through his psyche to focus on things or not, then he has nothing to worry about. The projection of the magnetic field will arrange the radiance of his existence. All the surrounding magnetic fields that will make up the environment and opportunities will be organized to connect and fit with each other. The environment will operate in tune with his purpose." - Yogi Bhajan
The first 6 months of the year has been very intense for many. The fire (3) has destroyed, cleansed and refined many forms (business, relationships, job, …) that had become an obstacle to be entirely free in ourselves. This has given us a chance to let go of our attachment(s) and to (re)discover our longing and our original nature, our home. It might have been just a glimpse, but it was enough to remember our infinite origin. [...]

June 06/2019

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Stepping out
Stepping in

Aquarian Numerology June 2019 fateh satmukh

May (5) offered an opportunity to stand up, leave the dead fire behind, and be ready to face life renouncing the control. It gave us the chance to let go and make new choices. Are our choices a new illusion to make our life easier on the short-term or are we planning far, long-term, wisely? This is not a time to compromise and wear a blindfold in order not to see what we do not wish to see. That would be dangerous; soon the mind would kick in again justifying the illusion. Off we are again for another round of struggle to keep up a constructed “truth” that we just made up and which makes us small! Events worldwide are escalating, global warming, pollution, energy and environmental security, conflict and poverty, the rise of new powers, competition and global imbalances, health crises… By opening our eyes widely, we realize that there are no two areas, mine and the global one, no separation. It is easier to judge the outside situation (chaos) than recognizing that every day we betray ourselves by nourishing it. The moment we betray our needs (2), we betray our longing to belong and deny the deep feeling of separation, which is the true expression of the paradox that we are both limited and unlimited. This betrayal creates an identity (3), a social mask, rooted in other people's expectations rather than in our own soul. To cover this gap, which is a source of pain, we might become clever and efficient, we think we know! This is the denial of our inner child, source of innocence and excitement. [...]

May 05/2019

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Accept the grief
Stand up to face the unknown
Be fulfilled

Aquarian Numerology May 2019

Until now, this year has been a process of uncovering the illusion we once took for real (Maya). This scenario had been created by our personal filters (beliefs, wounds, traumas, fears, shame, guilt, ...) and the identification to it became the only reality for us. Therefore, the digestion of these filters might have been challenging, questioning the core of our self-built identity, burning down what before seemed to be permanent and what looked like a true reference for us. The dead fire in our life April was like looking at the fire when it is consumed. You are first hypnotized by the flames, but even when the flames are gone, and only the smoke, the ember, the dark calcined wood are left, it is hard to leave, you need time to digest this change, this is called grief. Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the change or the end of a familiar pattern of behaviour. It might make you feel deeply alone or empty, and yet a new field of opportunities opens up. By connecting to your feelings and by sharing them, you have a chance to bring clarity and reach your deeper and innocent self. May (5) is a pivot number. It is an opportunity to stand up, leave the dead fire behind, and be ready to face life in its unknown, facing the vulnerability and renouncing the control. There is a sacrifice to be made in order to explore this new field of possibilities and discover our inner fire; let go and let God! 5 is the teacher and it is time to learn from it. [...]

April 04/2019

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Receive the gifts of life
Sharing from the heart
Patience pays

aquarian numerology april

Time for a new alignment

This year’s process is about being more clear of what is essential for us, set up priorities and find ways and structures to manifest them in the world. The intense process of the fire element during March has invited us to dissolve the old forms that are not appropriate any more to carry on our intentions. These old structures can have a numbing effect on our perception of the excitement and joy which is the ever lightning spark of our soul. It might have been time to reconsider partnerships, re-evaluate social or legal structures, change priorities for your business. Whatever has been burning or is still burning in that fire is opening a new field of exploration for the months to come. It can take time for the system to readjust from those changes and see their outcome. April is the time to let our nervous system align itself, to take time to reassess ourselves, to be open to confront our ideas and find resonances through sharing them with other individuals. From this sharing, the changes that took place on a deep level can be integrated into all the layers of our beings. We can gain a lot of clarity from that process. Clarity is the outcome of an integrated fire. [...]

March 03/2019

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Light & darkness
Devine & Devil
Sacrifice your identifications

Devil or Divine

The energy of this month, 3, is intensified because it resonates with the frequency of the year, 2+0+1+9=3. With 2 points you can draw a line, with 3 points you can draw a triangle. 3 is the first shape or form, the Trinity from which everything is created. 3 is the first visible form I can identify to. 3 is about identity: to what do I identify myself in order to exist?  Imagine yourself in a situation where your “red button” is pushed. Automatically, there is the first reaction to defend yourself based on past experiences and memories (negative mind, 2). Then, the positive mind will relay that first impulse by proving that you are right to react, building up the argumentative that justifies your first reaction. If you don't have the capacity to digest (3 – digestive fire) this flux of information, it becomes your reality and your drama. You identify to your thoughts and add layers and layers of them to justify this identification. It is like when your attention is caught by watching the fire, it is like a trance. [...]

February 02/2019

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Be stable when facing the pressure of duality.
Be faithful to your truth.
Grow your roots within the Self.

WaterThe First Roots
January might have been an opportunity to focus on what is essential. It was an opportunity to make priorities and get rid of the unnecessary. Determination and consistency were required in order to keep following your inner compass. February is the first limb of the year like the name of the second Guru, Angad (Ad = primal unit, Ang = extension or limb). The first limb of the seed (1) is the roots. There is no outward sign of manifestation yet (3), but the roots are expanding their hold. They grow downward exploring the darkness of the earth (unconscious) looking for water (a new source of nourishment, a cleansing). The fact of following your inner compass and your needs triggers your subconscious patterns and habits. It brings back to the surface memories of unfinished stories, old wounds and unpleasant experiences. Without self-awareness and a stable nervous system, we might become a victim of this pressure and easily fall into our reactive self. At this time we regret having followed our original impulse to follow our soul. “It was easier before!” [...]

January 01/2019

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Let's take time before action.
Let's project ourselves from our essence and expand our creative power.
Let's be focussed and sensitive, and choose the right action until completion.
Let's nourish our soul using the appropriate personality, identity, and projection.

january 2019A New Year 2019
2+0+1+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3, Divine or Devil! Divine when I accept the gift of life as a blessing, embracing each moment, being contented, and Devil when I judge the present moment, when I filter it through my beliefs and opinions, when I judge through should and shouldn't, when I compare, when I reinforce my self-destructive patterns and unconsciously create unwanted karmic consequences.
December (12) might have been an opportunity to have a taste of that, creating realities based on our subconscious reactions, imagining the worst by reinforcing our defensives impulses and realizing that the story we just created in our mind simply never existed. 2019 offers an opportunity to dive below the surface. If we follow our divine nature, we have a chance to become very clear about our destiny and take the right steps toward expansion. If we fall prey of our limited self, it could make us face deep conflicts and misunderstandings. Happiness or Hell? It is the choice we have.
2019 is also a time for action without being attached to the result. A time to enjoy life and its materiality without getting caught by it. A time to stand for who we are and to take the risk to step into our original self without being concerned by others' judgments. Reinforcing our core identity by positives affirmations like “I am the light of the soul” could help us. Without alertness and awareness, we might fall into the opposite, have expectations of success, be reactive to what others see and project on us, leading to a form of competition, defining our happiness by outside standards. [...]


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Monthly Numerology

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Tantric Numerology & The 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.

December 2018

The Hukam: The Divine Order
Unity in Duality
The Experience of Life

shivaUnity (1) and Duality (2).
I can choose to see the unity or the separation, depending on the filter I use. I am One and everything is a mirror. I can embrace this mirror and accept the Hukam. Hukam is a Punjabi word derived from the Arabic hukm, meaning "command" or "divine order". In the creation it is the play of the polarities. Sometimes life is smooth, sometimes life offers challenges, sometimes we experience pain, sometimes pleasure, it is out of control and it is better not to fight it.

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November 2018

Me and God, God and Me are One
Spiritual Integrity

me higher selfThe forms and the Truth
The year is coming to an end. This is the time to remember, remind, integrate, and give thanks. Indeed many traditions we celebrate the ones before us (Thanksgiving, All Saints's Day, Halloween - three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed).
The small one is called back home by the big One. We can see from where we started the current year cycle and realize the creation of the one soon coming in a renewed form. The forms that the creation takes are never-ending. There is a huge potential for change on the level of the form. But the whole structure together is not changing, the structure remains the same, very stable and strong.
This is a permanent principle under any being which is an expression of the same, absolute truth. Truth is a sense of absolute unchanging.

The Tree Leaf and Eternal Life
I asked the leaf whether it was frightened because it was autumn and the other leaves were falling. The leaf told me, “No. During the whole spring and summer I was completely alive. I worked hard to help nourish the tree, and now much of me is in the tree. I am not limited by this form. I am also the whole tree, and when I go back to the soil, I will continue to nourish the tree. So I don’t worry at all. As I leave this branch and float to the ground, I will wave to the tree and tell her, ‘I will see you again very soon.’ “…That day there was a wind blowing and, after a while, I saw the leaf leave the branch and float down to the soil, dancing joyfully, because as it floated it saw itself already there in the tree. It was so happy. I bowed my head, knowing that I have a lot to learn from the leaf because it is not afraid – it knew nothing can be born and nothing can die.

Thich Nhat Hanh, reflecting on a tree leaf

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October 2018

Existence / Non-existence
Presence / Absence
Courage & Radiance

radiance unimaginable by biomatter d30usls10 is 1 and 0, 1 within oneself, and 0 meaning nothingness. 1 as a nucleus, 0 as the sun radiating from it.
10, a full existence allowing non-existence, a full presence allowing total absence.
10 represents “Saibang”, the radiance coming from deep within, self-existing and self-illuminating. The radiance of the Self that has been crystallized through self-observation and inner silence: “I am the light of the soul”.
How to be visible to serve the invisible. Sometimes we fall into the opposite, being afraid of being seen, serving the agenda of the small limited self (“I don't deserve it”, “I am not worth it”, …). We live a life in the shadow, as a ghost, confused by false humility. Our conditioned mind constantly filters reality to transform life into something that fits the thinking mind. This brings our vitality down, gives us a sense of separation, and can even lead you to depression!

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September 2018

End & Beginning – Completion
Beyond Time & Space
Manners & Refinement

022 TeaCustoms in article JapanIs it an end or a beginning?
As a child, September meant the end of a long summer break (winter break in South hemisphere) and the beginning of School, mixture of fears and excitement. 9 is the last number (1 to 9), it carries the energy of the end, but the energy of a new beginning as well. The way we finish or complete (or not) things conditions the next step. The end becomes a new beginning. Completion means crystallizing the deeper meaning behind the circumstances. 9 is beyond the infinity of the 8, beyond time and space, where the game of polarities has no grasp.
September is a month to turn into that subtle dimension, it is not concrete or material, it is found through a deep sensitivity of the heart and a profound silence of the mind. This dimension brings a sense of peace. In the Japji, Guru Nanak talks about “Ajuni”, unborn. The Subtle body (9th body) is the home of the Soul, where everything started and where everything will end, a resting and very calm place for the Soul. Unborn means as well beyond the illusion of the duality of life.[...]

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August 2018

Manage your Time & Resources
Vitality & Presence through your Breath

Breath and Pranic Body

July has been a time for self-reflection, like a halt, or integration. August is the time to enter the motion of life again, which brings a new field of opportunities as well as the challenge to manage properly our energy and resources in that flow. This month, we would like to explore the tools we have in Kundalini Yoga to balance our pranic body, key to stay connected to our infinite self while being completely engaged in life.
When our pranic body is balanced, we have vitality and we gain clarity about how to manage your time and resources. When it gets out of balance, the tendency is to compensate with external sources of energies like coffee, energy drinks, junk food, … and lose the awareness of our need for infinity! In that situation, there is an over stimulation of our sympathetic nervous system, giving us a sensation of constant excitement, which can lead us to a burn out. Spiraling down, the more we feel stuck, the more we tend to compensate.
Opposite to that, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system will give a sense of relaxation, whatever are the circumstances, a guarantee for not exhausting ourselves and provide an anchor to stay connected with our own inner flow, as well as to the universal flow.[...]

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July 2018

The Filter of reality
The Form that may serve my truth or reinforce my past limitations
Let go, Let God … Forgive!


Now it is the time to figure it out: did we profit from the chance we had?
The number 3 has brought us possibilities and expansion. When we touch it we spiral outward in the excitement of what might come, we are curious, we hope, we want to see, we have the feeling to finally have found what we look for and want to explore it. It is crazy, finally! It is a birth into a new reality and a discovery. The fire burns, and we start putting into place the tools we need to go on.
Our exploration might take us to another plane of consciousness. But this needs WORK! If we are not able to consciously look at our limitations and transform them, to let go of our pride and of the wish to control, then deception is inevitable. The illusion takes over and we go for another round of games. Another 3 where illusion becomes the player and the winner![...]

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June 2018

Crisis for a new consciousness
Sacrifice to grow
Balance Jupiter & Saturn


How a crisis may open the door to a new consciousness?
We all have a tendency to get caught into the reality that we perceive through our 5 senses. This is what we call the limited self, or lower self, which constantly judges the reality through its own filter (belief system or unconscious mental constructs): I like, I don't like, I want, I don't want, I wish, I don't wish, ... . In this life of ups and downs we live in fear and hope, which are both two states that sacrifice the present moment and create unhappiness and frustration. This identification limits the expansion of our consciousness which is suffocated by our lower mental and emotional games. At this level of existence, we are takers and have rights, and when we give, we perceive it as a sacrifice that deserves a return in terms of action or acknowledgment.[...]

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Special Meditation: Balance Saturn & Jupiter Energies.pdf

May 2018

Fears of the impermanence
Physical Body as the Door from the Limited to the Unlimited, the Door to Sacredness

Our physical body, the densest body, is our pathway to the subtle body and our most delicate self. Our physical body is constantly communicating with us and opening the door to the unlimited realm but since we are too distracted we do not listen. To accept to open the door to sacredness is to admit that we live in the temporal reality of a physical body. To fully inhabit it is a challenge because it means recognizing its impermanence. It is scary, since it brings the fear of losing it, the fear of not being in control, the fear of dying, .... We prefer to live in the mental space because there we can control everything through our fantasy. This strategy reassures us but keeps us away from the magic of life. It's the price to pay.

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April 2018

Listening to my Feelings
I Communicate my Truth
In good company
I Relax into my Being


This month, we would like to invite you for a self-reflection on which part of yourself you nourish through your spiritual journey & practice. It is a time to check where you are at. It is a time to listen carefully. It is the time to ponder on how negativity affects you adversely.

Through my spiritual practice:
Am I becoming more human, or I use it to separate?
Do my spiritual experiences, the trainings & workshops I attend, gathering with the sangat (the community of yogis & yoginis), my seva, … help me to develop a big and strong heart? To develop my vulnerability & openness, or to increase my sense of control over my life?
Do I increase my capacity to connect to others (the human heart is the space to know others' experience from within ourselves), or I increase my judgment and nourish a thirst of knowledge?

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March 2018

Creativity in actions.
I have the right to be Happy.

This month, we would like to invite you to celebrate YOU as part of the Divine flow. You are part of the creation and have yourself a creative potential to manifest through your actions.
creativeWe want to focus on what we can do instead than on what we cannot do. 
What can I do to honor myself today?
What can I do to honor the living divine within me?
What can I do to celebrate life today?
Asking yourself these questions is a way to get out of the routine or the habits that we tend to fall into. Let's say Yes to what we usually say No. Let's go beyond the fears of “I cannot make it”, “What will the others think about me”, …. Let's question the habits that do not serve our spirit and put us in an automatic-behavior box. Let's bring fun into our life. Let's bring some craziness to expand our field of experience.

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February 2018

Polarity. Duality.
Separation & attachment.
Void & Fears.
Longing to belong.

This month, to illustrate the energy behind the number 2 and the month of February 2018, we would like to share a poem from an Indian poet named Rabindranath Tagore.

february numerology

"This game which is yours
It's about making us swing
At the rhythm of a silent melody
To swing on your swing.
You make us go up to the light
And suddenly you hurl us
In the darkness.
When the swing goes up
These are hearty laughs.
When it comes down,
These are cries of fear.
This treasure which is yours
You make it go from your right hand
To the left hand.
And again and again.
Sitting in solitude
You gather suns and moons
And you make them spin constantly
You reveal them, and they are naked
Then you dress them in a veil
Which hides them from us.
Believing that the treasures
from our heart
Were ripped off from us
We cry useless tears.
But everything is complete
Nothing has been lost.
There is only the swing
Constantly, which is coming and going. "

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January 2018

A New Year / A New Beginning / A New Cycle,
Go Within!

Recognizing the 1 is to recognize our individuality and being separated. Accepting to be as 1 is the only chance to be able to build a relationship with another 1. This year 2018 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8) is connected to the number 11, the highest level of consciousness illustrated by the numbers. The moment you touch your soul, you recognize the other soul. The moment you recognize you being 1 (separated and unique), you may connect to the humility of being so small facing this vastness, and you may be able to merge with the 1. First, you need to become 1 (you in your full potential & unicity) in order to become 0 (surrendering your desires and personal will) to be able to connect to the 1 being the totality (10 + 1 = 11).
This extract of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib illustrates well this energy: “||2|| SHALOK, SECOND MEHL: To see without eyes; to hear without ears; to walk without feet; to work without hands; to speak without a tongue —like this, one remains dead while yet alive. O Nanak, recognize the Hukam of the Lord’s Command, and merge with your Lord and Master.” [p. 139].

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