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Ajai Alai Awakening Rebirthing Workshop emerged in China in 2013.  This workshop is an opportunity to go deeper into our practice and celebrate the beauty of the self-transformation, path toward our deepest truth, and the universal wisdom.

When & Where

SERBIA, Belgrad - 2020 JANUARY 18-19 with Satmukh Singh.

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Content of the course

Let's come together and in the silence of our being, discover the call of our soul to reach harmony and manifest peace within our communities.

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The Rebirthing is a real opportunity to go deeper into your practice and celebrate the beauty of self-transformation, a path toward your most profound truth and universal wisdom. We will use special kriyas and meditations to prepare ourselves for the new year that has started.

The year 2020 (4) is an invitation to step into our neutral mind and open our heart to a new vibration. This year is an opportunity to experience a new flavor of the community. In touch with my deep feelings, I find my place and contribute to my highest potential to the community.

The community can manifest only if I perceive myself as a community! We are made of trillions of cells, independent organisms coming together to bring our being alive! What hold them together in harmony is our consciousness, our presence. We are the witness of this dance of cells. In our body, when a cell starts to disconnect from other cells, it is called cancer and it creates long-term (and sometimes) irreversible damages. 

Like our physical body (5) which is in constant change and adaptation, a healthy community is flexible and can adapt. It responds quick and adjust to a reality that perpetually moves. An Aquarian Community (community of the Aquarian Age) is based on a strong sense of self in service of a deeper dimension by listening carefully to the present moment.

During the workshop, we will connect to the 5 virtues described in the scriptures, nourishing an identity in service of our totality. How can we answer the call of life without doubt and judgment? We need ME (our limited self) in order to participate fully to life and do our part. 

And from ME, we can expand to WE without self-denial or self-betrayal. We are all needed to write a better story, a better tomorrow. The earth is crying, calling us to come together and manifest a reality in respect of our highest values and virtues.

This workshop is for your own benefit and beyond.

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The program

18 Jan Saturday

09.00-10.00 Door opens, Registrations
10.00-13.00 RB
13.00-14.30 Break
14.30-17.30 RB

19 Jan Sunday
09.00-10.00 Door opens, Registrations
10.00-13.00 RB
13.00-14.30 Break
14.30-17.30 RB

Why joining the Rebirthing?

* An alternative to the White Tantra for your certification Level 1 Teacher Training
* A deep meditative & cleansing experience
* An encounter with your deepest self
* A workshop that you will remember your whole life
* A community event and a celebration of togetherness

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