Warrior of Light

Understand what is leadership in the Aquarian Age.
Identify your Inner Treasure.
From a Teacher to a Leader: Become a Lighthouse! 
Find the true guidance within and stand up!

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TAIWAN, November, 23-28


CHINA, November, 20-25


AUSTRIA, August, 25-29

TURKEY, December 14-19

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Why Ajai Alai Awakening offers this training?

warrior of light - AAA Kundalini & Numerology

We have entered the Aquarian Age and some of Yogi Bhajan's teachings are becoming more and more important to face the changes and the challenges of today. We are moving toward a collective consciousness, in which the place of the community in our personal development becomes very important. "No Sangat, No Dharma" - Yogi Bhajan. 

And this brings the question of your place in this community and in your life. Are you able to respect yourself? Are you aware of your domain and values? Are you able to stand for your values? Are you able to speak up your truth? Are you able to stand up when it is time to stand up and surrender when it is time to obey? All these questions raise the balance between Shakti and Bhakti, and your capacity to transcend this duality to open the door of the true Leadership, the door of consciousness which rises above the limited self.

This module will help you:
* to understand your strategies of self-denial which give you a sense of separation,
* to recognize your own resistances to reach your higher potential in this life and reach your destiny,
* to identify your qualities and potential and to use them to serve others in a selfless attitude, constellation work on the "9 treasures" of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib,
* and to celebrate who you are, in your totality and the place you have to take in a collective dynamic.

Who can participate to this training?

This training is open to anyone who wants to move toward his or her own truth and does not have any pre-requisites. In AAA, we offers a process of transformation in which the teachings are alive and manifest themselves every moment. AAA trainings is not like being at school listening to the teacher while following a book. We offer a dynamic approach, in which you realize that the teaching are constantly talking to you and you just need to recognize them. There is no book which can teach you that. Only a teacher can bring you the awareness to recognize your truth, which hides under layers of subconscious strategies.

You want to feel alive, come! If it is time for you to join, you will know it and be welcome. In the Aquarian Age, we enter a systemic world, which is not linear. Listen to your soul and decide from that place to come and join. Let go the chattering of the mind and your own judgments and preconceptions.

How will it help me as a teacher?

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, this module is crucial. How do you want to become a "Light House" like Yogi Bhajan said if you cannot be the leader of your own life. If you don't experience your own transformation, you have nothing to teach! What you teach is not in the book, it is happening in your sensory system every moment. You need to learn to recognize it and realize what it means for your teaching, because it is exactly what the students need to hear. Book are dead but you are alive. But then the question is, are you really alive?

Yogi Bhajan about Leadership

AAA Warrior of light Kundalini & Numerology

Leadership is to answer the call, it is trust in you which will work.” – Yogi Bhajan
Your domain & values. Stop betraying yourself to fit in, you are perfect as you are.

The first faculty of a leader is that you’ve got to be a leader of yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan
You are the King/Queen of your domain, Every adversity is an opportunity to express your creativity. It is a challenge, offered to renew yourself, relax and open to the flow.

I am not promising you that life will have no difficulties, rather I am promising you that without difficulties there is no life, your presence should work.” – Yogi Bhajan
Life is a theater. The role you play is your tool for manifestation. Be aware of your projection and impact and realize that you are creator of your life.

A leader is a leader in life and after life.” – Yogi Bhajan
Accept to let go your preconceptions, your judgments, the way you define yourself. It is time to die, to transcend, in order to discover your truth. Only your consciousness will prevail. Yogic approach to death.

The Crown of spirituality cannot be conquered.”– Yogi Bhajan
Surrendered leadership: the balance of Shakti and Bhakti, learn when to stand for yourself and when to bow to circumstances. It’s a leadership that invites us into the immediacy of the moment, that doesn’t brush over anything and is essentially welcoming and discerning of everything that comes in the space.

Maturity comes from time, space, intuition and wisdom.” – Yogi Bhajan
Whatever you are, it is included! Accept all parts of yourself. Time for celebration!