Authentic Relationships

* Learn how to relate authentically to yourself and others.

* Explore the collective unconscious as a source of universal teachings (archetypes and myths).

* Integrate your polarity and reconcile with the opposite gender/polarity.

* Humanology for couples as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


- The Man & The Masculine: 
His nature, his blocks, his wounds, his needs, what is to be invincible, how to succeed his quest, how to communicate with a women, how to integrate his feminine aspect (moon or Anima), special man to man.

- The Woman & The Feminine: 
Her 11 moods / moon centers, her wounds, her challenges, how to integrate her masculine aspect (animus), sisterhood, secrets of beauty and grace, menopause, the Goddess aspect of every woman.

- The Couple & the Oneness:
Romantic love & unconscious love, how our wounds influence the choice of our partner, relationships & grief, healing & reconciliation, marriage & commitment, sacred sexuality, the tantric path.

- Breathwalk and walking meditations to integrate the healing process.

- Diet: food & ojas.

40 days preparation

A mono-diet. Practice of Sat Kriya. Repetition of the Mera Man Lochai Shabd. Refraining from sex.


Filled with gratitude for one of the most transformative weeks of my life. The Authentic Relationship course was absolutely amazing ... the depth of learning, the joy and the group energy was unique ... Thank you Sat Sarbat & Satmukh for guiding our journey. Siri Hari Kaur

AAA Kundalini Yoga - Level 2 - Authentic Relationships - Ajai Alai Awakening