Conscious Communication

* The power of the Word!

* Learn how you create your success or your misery through your words.

* Learn to project your reality from your true self.

* Explore your subconscious patterns and heal your childhood wounds.


- The power to speak and to be heard,
- The different voices of a teacher, how to penetrate and uplift others,
- How to bring consciousness in your communication: identify the steps of a conscious communication and become aware of the art of listening,
- Your hidden-self and its agenda, how your wounds influence your communication, identify your mask and see its role in your life,
- Heal your wounds through an inner communication with your cells memory,
- The science of sounds, Naad and Shabd Guru,
- Chakras & 10 Bodies related to communication,
- Communicate with the infinite and the unknown: the power of your prayer,
- Diet: communicate with what you eat!

40 days preparation

Vegetarian diet, 40 days meditation: repetition of the Suniai, 4 pauris from the Japji (11 times/day).


[…] incredibly stimulating, practical and powerful. I enjoyed their eclectic use of methods that are effective and the way they linked in the topics with the real world we currently live in, to help us deal with our real lives in real time. […]. Beant Kaur

[…] without a doubt, one of the best investments, I've made for my personal development this year. I found it incredibly confronting and challenging (so much so, I wanted to run on day 2). [...] a wonderful team and they provide a very safe to dive deep. They bring an incredible amount of knowledge, authenticity and play (which is important). Since completing the course, I've noticed huge improvements in my relationships (marriage, friendships and family). I can't recommend this course highly enough. Corona/Sat Pavan Kaur

[…] I was inspired by their presence, and the gentle and loving space they held allowed each individual to unfold and little further. Elizabeth

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga AAA Conscious Communication KRI