LifeCycles and LifeStyles

* Discover the mystery of life.

* Bring a new understanding of what is your destiny.

* Learn to master every cycle of life to stay with the flow, as a key for a prosperous and healthy life.

* Become conscious of your karmic blocks and patterns which limit your prosperity.


- The cycles of destiny and fate,
- Analysis of your autobiography, how your ancestors & family influence the core of your identity,
- Analysis of your life at the material, emotional, mental and spiritual levels,
- Your life has a rhythm: the cycles of consciousness, intelligence, and body applied to your life,
- Find the crucial transition points in your life,
- How the belief system inherited from your caregivers influences your relationship to prosperity,
- How your child wounds and challenges in life prepared you for your destiny,
- Discover the destiny of your incarnation based on your tantric numerology,
- How to re-write your biography and accomplish a higher destiny,
- Diet: celebrate life, every day a banquet!

40 days preparation

Vegetarian diet, Research on your ancestors. 40 days practice.


A totally new and refreshing way to look at my life, source of inspiration and strength to follow my truth! Ben/Dharam Prakash Singh

Recognizing the synchronicity and the flow of life, I am suddenly more aware of the beauty, seeing the universe as sacred and divine! Sarah

L2 - Life-Cycles-Life-Styles - Kundalini Yoga - Ajai Alai Awakening