Mind and Meditation

* Explore the invisible map of the mind / consciousness

* Learn to use the mind to conquer your reality.

* Dive into the realm of the mind and transcend your limited self.

* From your worst enemy, make your mind becoming your best friend.


- Immerse yourself in the meditative mind,
- Quality of the mind & lifestyle,
- Discover the tools to be still, intuitive, meditative and creative,
- The experience of Shunia, the silence of the mind,
- Explore the structure of the mind: the thinking process, the 27 projections and the 81 facets of the mind,
- Applied meditations,
- Introduction to the 9 aspects of the mind as 9 archetypes,
- Release subconscious blocks,
- Diet: sattvic diet for a refined mind.

40 days preparation

62 minutes of Long Ek Ong Kar. Vegetarian diet.


This module was a travel within the unknown from where I can back lighter and more relaxed, letting go many fears and attachment. It gave me a new sense of reality, with a deeper sense of oneness. I am very grateful for that. Satwant Singh

Very precious module to understand the subtlety of holding the space and shunia, very precious as a teacher! Prem Kaur.

Level 2 Mind and Meditation - Ajai Alai Awakening - Kundalini Yoga