Vitality and Stress

* The science of Kundalini Yoga in depth!

* A new perspective on stress & vitality.

* Drop the beliefs & patterns which limit your potential.

* Recognize the practice as an integral part of your life and a source of strength to face the challenges and pressure of life.


- The mechanism of stress, identify your stress and tools to reduce stress

- What is Cold Depression and the ways to heal

- Deepen your understanding of the science of Kundalini Yoga and the way to apply it & teach it

- Increase your vitality and recognize consciousness as the core of vitality

- Identify and drop the beliefs which limit you

- Build up your caliber to face the challenges and pressure of life

- The concept of excitement, expansion, containment, completion and integration applied to your life and the dynamic of a kriya / meditation,

- The wheel of the Chinese 5 Elements, introduction to a sequence & the quality of the 5 Elements

- Diet: food as a medicine

40 days preparation

Vegetarian diet, 40 days meditation.

During this week we will look at the human body in a very holistic way and explore every day one of the elements in a given sequence, the energetics of the yoga kriyas, the organs and glands affected, the meridians, the food, the nadis, the true nature of that element and how it interferes and interacts with your whole system. You will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you will learn how to listen to your physical body, how the stress affects your balance (physically, energetically and spiritually), and how to recover vitality from your own core.


[…] I gained an in-depth understanding of the effects of the postures and breathing on the function of the internal organs of the body. I learned about how stress damages our health and how to balance it. Through the kriyas I gained the ability to surrender and trust […]. Dhyan Dharma Kaur

Such a blessing that I chose this physical body and this journey through life! The teachers show me the door to open to gratitude and realize that the body, the 5 elements and the cosmic energy are all interlinked, and that I just need to clear the blocks and to trust again, in order to let the flow brighten my heart and soul. Shaktimaa

Level 2 Kundalini Yoga AAA Austria Vitality and Stress

Interactive collective games, another way to experience your relationship to stress! And to Vitality!