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The Spirit of the Guru is carried in 2 ways: The Sangat and Shabd Guru. Love is in silence and deep sound. It has no word.

Structure of the training

3 modules of 6 days each, taught by different specialized teachers. You can participate to each module separately.

Module: Chanting Mantras & Shabd Guru
+ Introduction to Chant with an Harmonium (6 days)

with Hansu Jot Singh

  • What is a mantra and how to chant.

  • Science of the Naad.

  • Connection between sound, mantras and emotions.

  • Effect of specific mantras.

  • Your voice, a tool for transformation.

  • Rhythm training and basic musicology in order to effectively train the harmonium skills and naad.

  • Practice special kriyas and meditations to open and connect your navel, heart and throat chakras,

  • Daily Kundalini Yoga practice to integrate what you learn and keep a clear and focus mind.

  • Learn to play the harmonium and to chant Kundalini Yoga mantras (introduction).

« Shabd » means sound, « Guru » means teacher. The Shabd Guru "cuts" away the ego which obstructs the truth from you. Our soul is a vibration, this is why we love so much « sounds ». Sounds are psycho-active events that are rooted in the body and give roots to the sense of self. Our body needs a rhythm. Rhythm increases our sense of balance, of control of our movements and our general well-being. The Spirit of the Guru is carried in two ways : in the Sangat and in the Shabd.

Nirmal Singh and Hansujot Singh Naad and Sound Healing Training

Hansu Jot Singh and Nirmal Singh teaching together at the Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival 2016

Naad is what you can hear with the third ear. It is the spirit which is transported with the audible sound. A very subtle sound. While you will learn how to play harmonium, the sound will affect your life on different levels and bring you to a very subtle quietness inside which will enhance you meditative skill.

Module 2: Sound Healing with Gong & Singing Bowl
Become the Healer of Tomorrow using the Power of Sound

with Nirmal Singh

  • Sound as healing: Learn to be a sound healer

  • Learn to play singing bowl and Gong.

  • Using the sound to balance the Chakras and the meridians / Using sound as a media to create a healing space.

  • How to organize a sound bath

  • How to do personal & group treatment

  • Personal healing process

  • Daily Kundalini Yoga practice to strengthen your nervous system, essential to be able to hold the space for healing.

  • Space of Shunia, listening to heal.

Module 3: Deepen Yourself In Sound 
Learn to Play Harmonium and to Chant Mantras & Shabd (6 days)

with Hansu Jot Singh

sadhana AAA Kundalini Yoga China Asia

 Satmukh Singh, Sat Sarbat Kaur and Hansujot Singh playing Sadhana (Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival 2016)

Where & When?

Shenzhen at the Ajai Alai Kundalini Yoga Community Center:

Module CHANTING: 2018 October 23-28

Module SOUND HEALING: 2019 January 12-17

Module HARMONIUM: 2019 May 28 - June 2


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