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Aquarian Numerology Training, a new format for a new dynamic. Join our trainings in Austria (Vienna), China (Shenzhen) and Taiwan (Taipei).

Aquarian Numerology

Numbers and their dynamic are an expression of the natural laws at the individual, collective and universal levels.

Through our birth-date, we can find a lot of information about who we are, information that is not conscious and might take a lifetime to discover and to be manifested. The calculations from our birth-date give us deep insights about our essence, challenges, gift and tools that we can use for our growth. It brings us clarity about our destiny or the minimum we have to achieve in this life.

At a broader level, numbers are hidden behind any cycle or dynamic movement in life. We find them behind the seasons, the cycle of the 5 elements in Chinese medicine, our life-cycles from birth to death, a kriya, our spiritual path and its 5 stages called Padas, a period of 40 days sadhana and so on. Numbers are everywhere, helping us to understand at the subtle level our deepest experience of life.

We are an individual expression of the Universal creative flow, which means that we follow the same principles (Ek-1 Ong-2 Kar-3). The Yogis have been meditating on the connection between Macro-cosmos and Micro-cosmos and realized that we are ruled by the same principles. Observing the Macro helps to understand the Micro and observing the Micro helps to understand the Macro. That is how the Yogi realized that we are one, we are like a wave belonging to a vast ocean, an Infinite pulse within a Finite body. Numbers reflect that connection as well, help us to unveil the universal and personal truth (Sat Nam-4).

Aquarian Numerology is a precious tool to bring consciousness into your life and the life of our students, friends and family! It brings the unconscious into light, helping us to become the leader of our lives, and create a better tomorrow, instead of being driven by destructive impulses.

Aquarian Numerology Personal consultation: an encounter with You

Our consultations are a dynamic process. The basis is the birth-date and the different calculations out of the birth-date. But more important is the dialogue with the person. A same birth-date, which means same numbers, can be experienced at many different levels and layers by an individual. By listening to the person, we discover where she/he is at in life and the numbers start to become alive, start to talk. The most precious skills to offer a consultation is the capacity to listen. Each consultation is completely different, adapted to what the person needs to hear at that moment. We are always impressed by what comes out from a personal consultation. It is a very uplifting moment for the person who realizes a truth which could be felt but not trusted. A truth which was waiting in the dark to come into the light. It gives courage and confidence to walk toward our destiny. It is a discovery of our deepest nature, it brings golden tears, a sense of feeling at home with ourselves. 

We use your birth date to compute various aspects of your being, based on a yogic system according to which every human being is made of ten bodies, called Bodies of Light.

With the help of ancient yogic teachings and numerology based on Yogi Bhajan's system of the Ten Bodies,

• We will help you to gain a deep insight into your life and your subconscious.

• You will be able to recognize why you fall into the same traps and what makes you attract the life and relationships you have.

• It is an effective tool that will help you make better choices and see with clarity what you can do to regain the quality of your life and of your decisions.

Ajai Alai Awakening - Kundalini Yoga - Austria - China - Sat Sarbat and Satmukh

Through time, numerous systems such as Astrology, Tarot, and Palmistry have been developed to illuminate the path, skills, and nature of a human soul. Today quantum physics and other advanced mathematical systems are shedding more light into the connection between numbers and the subtle, spiritual universe.

This connection and vibratory value of numbers was known long ago to the yogis and saints of ancient India. Numerology as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® has its roots in these ancient yogic and teachings, and is a practical model for understanding your Self and your psyche. It is a fantastic tool for gaining deep insight into your life and provides an effective means for you to align with your highest potential.

A numerological analysis will reveal which Bodies of Light are related to your weaknesses and your strengths, so that you will be able to recognize how and why you fall into the same traps and emotions, and you will discover what you need to balance in order to heal certain aspects of your life and utilize your strengths more effectively.

With this technique you will gain a better understanding of cycles and patterns, including how you communicate, what makes you attract the relationships you have; it will shed light on your decision-making processes, and it will help you moving forward mentally, physically and emotionally. The real gift of the Numerology system is its quickness, simplicity, and accuracy. Above all, Yogi Bhajan's 10 Bodies Numerology is not a divinatory art, but rather an effective tool for helping you having the future the way you want it to be.

Private consultations lasts approximately one to one and a half hour and can be made at a date/time of your choice.

With both advanced numerologists Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh.

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Consultation via Skype or Hangouts

Our experience shows that consultation via Internet are also very effective. The price is 135 Euros (possibility to pay in AUS$ / US$ / Euros or HK$). After the consultation, you can contact us by email for any questions. If necessary, we will organize another call.


Please contact us for more details.

The 5 Questions Of Life 

Who am I? Your birthday… to open your heart

This is your root, your essence, your true identity.

What am I mastering? Your birth month… to learn your lesson in life

This is where you move from mystery to mastery, where you experience growth and full understanding and ownership of your life lesson, so that you may pass it on and flourish.

What is my destiny? Your birth year… to maximize your innate gifts and talents

This is your gift to receive, express and share; your most clear and expanded sense of your purpose and potential.

What do I have to do? Your birth year and century… to draw upon your past experience and create a new path for the future

This could be the minimum, but why not expand beyond the past, beyond how others may perceive you to meet the horizon of your life.

How do I transform my life? Your total numbers… to complete your mission

The answer to this question provides strategies for growth, healing, expansion and new opportunities.