Tantric Numerology Training

Training Numerology

"This Numerology is the future of all counseling.

It is the oldest system known to humanity, the most sacred and the most accurate.

You can learn to change people's destiny."

-Yogi Bhajan

Origin of this numerology

Numbers are the foundation of all ancient teachings including Kundalini Yoga. Tantric Numerology & The 10 Bodies  has its roots in ancient yogic and tantric teachings. It is based on a yogic system taught by Yogi Bhajan, according to which every human being is made of ten bodies, called Bodies of Light.

Learning about the Tantric Numerology and The 10 Bodies will give you a deeper understanding of Yogi Bhajan's teachings. Each number is connected to specific qualities, frequency, body, mantras, Guru, organs, senses, …, all together they represent a map of our consciousness and help us to understand our unconscious and our infinite self.

It is an ancient mathematical science which uses the birth date to compute various aspects of the being, as well as is a practical model for understanding the Self and the psyche. It proposes and answers key questions – who am I, what do I have to learn or master, why am I here, where am I going, what must I do before I die, and how do I transform my life.

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What it offers?

This training offers various possibilities at different levels.

You will learn the ten-body technology through an intensive experience, so you will be more aware of the different aspects of yourself, your inner resources, and new opportunities for growth and authentic expression. Each of these ten bodies has a unique physiology, psychology, orientation, expression, consciousness, purpose and potential. You will also practice step by step to understand the basic calculations and relationships between various numbers, positions, formulas, cycles and the ten bodies. As a teacher, the Tantric Numerology & The 10 Bodies training will give you a method to understand the energy at play within the kriyas and meditations, and will help you to support your students in their personal practice.

You will go deeper in your own numerology. Each life question (see below the Five Questions of Life) will be addressed individually, giving you the option to explore your true identity, area of mastery, highest destiny, ways to transform the past, move forward and uplift your lives.

You will learn about the natural sequences in numerology. We will explore their meaning in personal numerology chart and how they are reflected in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

If you are a Kundalini Yoga teacher, you will learn how to give your students and friends specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations based on their numerology and aimed at supporting their growth and transformation.

Ultimately, by completing the practicum given as a homework, this training offers the possibility to learn how to become a numerologist and offer private consultations in order to help others to:

* Understand their life, their psyche and who they are
* Find their highest potential
* Create a future which nourishes their higher self and their destiny
* Recognize how and why they fall into the same patterns and emotions
* Identify how they communicate & what makes them attract the life and relationships they have.
* Gain a better understanding of life cycles and patterns and rhythm

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Content and Structure

12 days, in 2 modules of 6 days each or in weekends.

There are 3 pillars in this training:

The Foundation

* An experience and a deep understanding of each number and the 10 bodies
* Energy and unfolding of a kriya
* Constellations with numbers
* The formula – how to calculate a numerology
* The Five Questions of Life (see below)

Behind the Numbers

* Dig into your own numerology
* The natural sequences in numerology
* How to do a consultation
* Communication techniques
* How to give home assignments – kriyas and meditations, based on numerology

Become a numerologist

* Expanded numerology formula and its minor patterns
* Practice with recordings of live numerology sessions
* Awareness exercises
* Perfection of practice learned
* Individual help
* Healing techniques

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The 5 Questions Of Life

Who am I? Your birthday… to open your heart

This is your root, your essence, your true identity.

What am I mastering? Your birth month… to learn your lesson in life

This is where you move from mystery to mastery, where you experience growth and full understanding and ownership of your life lesson, so that you may pass it on and flourish.

What is my destiny? Your birth year… to maximize your innate gifts and talents

This is your gift to receive, express and share; your most clear and expanded sense of your purpose and potential.

What do I have to do? Your birth year and century… to draw upon your past experience and create a new path for the future

This could be the minimum, but why not expand beyond the past, beyond how others may perceive you to meet the horizon of your life.

How do I transform my life? Your total numbers… to complete your mission

The answer to this question provides strategies for growth, healing, expansion and new opportunities.


Tantric Numerology 10 bodies - kundalini yoga ajai alai awakening China Asia AustraliaCertification requirements only apply if you want to become a professional consultant and go for the full training. Letter of Attendance may otherwise be provided upon request.

1. Be a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor Level 1.

2. Full attendance to all modules (in total 12 days of training).

3. After completion of al modules and within one year after the end of the training: 10 trial individual consultations to friends and relatives, including: Report to trainers on each of them, with time, date and location of the consultation; Feedback from “client”; 40 days sadhana practice (given by the trainers based on your numerology), including written report to trainers.

4. Final interview with trainers.


Sat Sarbat Kaur - Satmukh Singh - Ajai Alai AwakeningSat Sarbat Kaur Khalsa

She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Lead trainer Level 1 and Level 2. She offers Training for Children Yoga in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. After 4 years of numerology studies in Toronto, Canada, she began in 2003 to offer numerology readings and workshops related to coaching, health and life patterns. She is also a certified grief recovery specialist recognized by the Grief Recovery Institute of New York adding a special insight and perspective to the healing work of letting go of the past. More information.

Satmukh Singh Khalsa

He is the co-founder of the Kundalini Yoga International school Ajai Alai Awakening. He is KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Lead trainer. He sees the numbers as the root of Yogi Bhajan's teachings and is continuously studying the quality of numbers through the lives of the 10 Gurus and through the quality of the 10 bodies. He started in 2013 to offer numerology readings with Sat Sarbat Kaur. More information.