Numerology Workshops

Training Numerology

If you want to organize a Tantric Numerology workshop in your place, please Contact Us. We are always willing to share these transformative and inspiring teachings. The duration of the workshop is from 1 to 3 days.

Workshop contents

The 10 Bodies and Numerology

This workshop will give you a deep understanding and experience of the 10 Bodies at the physical and mental levels. The connection with the quality of the numbers, the life of the Gurus and the Mul Mantra will help you to make sense of the 10 Bodies.

The Five Questions of Life

Learn the basics of numbers, calculations, as well as techniques for observation and intuition. Recognize your strengths and challenges and your best strategies for positive change.

Deepen your self-awareness

Get to know your patterns and how to recognize others' patterns - Study the cycles of life and learn how to use cycles, formulas and patterns for key decision-making.