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"In the path of God you do an offering, you don't do a charity. Because charity is given to the lower and then it means when you give a charity you think you are doing it a favor. Everything you possess is God's creation you have nothing of yours and then it is not sharing then it's not Vand Chakra it's offering. You give gift to a friend and you are grateful to him that he has accepted it. There is a difference between charity and offering, offering is accepted to the higher one, charity is done to the poor to the low and when you do charity in name of God you think God is low. No my friend young do offering, offering, offering is when you give and it is accepted you feel grateful that something which you had has been accepted that gives you fulfillment right there".Yogi  Bhajan 7/4/77


AI JUE is the name given for AAA's Offering programs - AI 爱 in Chinese means Love and JUE 觉 means Awereness. A translation could be "Awakening of the Heart Consciousness".

The last few years, AAA has been participating to the development of non-profit initiatives and projects around the world. It is time for a new fresh start for the charity branch of AAA Ajai Alai Awakening - International Kundalini Yoga School.

It is a great opportunity for us to give more transparency to the way we have been using your donations and Gurudakshina that we have been receiving for the last few years. Below a breakdown by goals. We accept general donations, which we distribute according to priorities. Alternatively, you may tell us, which programme you want to fund and we will make sure your donation goes to fund what you chose! Please contact us if you want more details. All profit of the products sold under AAA and the label AIJUE are used to finance the charity projects mentioned below. By buying our product, you act for a better tomorrow!


To support people and projects, which contribute to the well-being of humanity, and the expansion of individual and collective consciousness.

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* Spread Yogi Bhajan’s teachings to populations that don’t usually have access to these teachings, and support local teachers who teach these specific populations;
* Support the translation of the teachings in other languages;
* Develop a conscious education for children based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings;
* Support the research on alternative healing;
* Support local ecological and permaculture projects.

Spread Yogi Bhajan’s teachings to populations that don’t usually have access to these teachings, and support local teachers who teach these specific populations

AAA is setting-up a database of teachers and their projects in order to develop a know-how in the field of teaching in specific sectors (poor population, isolated population, orphanages, schools, prisons, …). AAA is also developing a platform to share this information on Wechat in China and through our website for other countries. AAA supports the teachers by giving them advice and helping them to define an appropriate curriculum.

Support the translation of the teachings in other languages

The Library of Teachings: The Kundalini Research Institute, of which Sat Sarbat is a member of their Board of Directors, is looking for donations for their project of translating the online Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings into other languages. They also look for ways and means to preserve the teachings for the next hundreds years. They require 1 million dollars for each language and 7.2 million to preserve the whole library in 4 languages.

In China, AAA created “Siri Bani”, a group of translators in charge of translating in Chinese of Kundalini Yoga manuals and DVDs. Siri Bani already translated the Rebirthing series, the Level 2 manuals Conscious Communication and Mind & Meditation, a manual which compiles more than 100 kriyas and meditations called Kriya, the 2 books I am a woman, and the Gong DVD and manual.

Develop a conscious education for children based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings

AAA Ai Jue Ajai Alai Awakening Kundalini Yoga

AAA offers every year in different countries the teacher training SunChild in order to teach Kundalini Yoga to children and empower them to become the leader of their life . Every training, AAA offer 70% discount to 3 people who works with children but don’t have the financial capacity to afford the teaching fees.

Tibetan Children’s Village - Dharamsala, India AAA sponsors two Tibetan children, orphans of their parents. We provide for their food, lodging, clothing and education. Once a year we send them a parcel with presents. The children were taken in charge when they were 4 and 6 years old. Today they are two beautiful teens and count of our regular support to finish their education and have enough savings to be able to continue their studies after high school graduation; this being the time when they have to leave the village and make a living on their own.

Support the research on alternative healing

stem cell Ajai Alai Awakening Kundalini Yoga Offering

AAA is at present supporting a project in the field of stem cells research. An Italian company led by a renown veterinary has patented a revolutionary discovery in the stem cells development and their healing possibilities. The company needs money to keep up their patent, which costs 200,000 E every year and need about 3 million to experiment on humans and make the product available on the market. We of AAA strongly believe in this company and have personally seen the incredible success they are having with animals on which they had already the possibility to make grow and inoculate their own stem cells. We want to help them and are doing it through donations, but also privately with our own funds.

Support local ecological and permaculture projects

AAA supports financially young people who develop agriculture projects in Europe bringing consciousness into their approach. We focus on financing the plantation of specific essence of trees.

Permaculture AAA Ajai Alai Awakening Offering

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