Kundalini Yoga Workshops

Ajai Alai Awakening proposes various workshops in Europe, Asia and Australia.

These workshops aim at:
• Strengthen your body and improve your health,
• Release your fears and emotional blocks,
• Discover who you are, to reveal your True Self,
• Open your heart and share with others your new harmony,
• Step into your destiny,
• Gain in stability and self-confidence.

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A Journey of Self Discovery, Be Reborn to Your Infinite Self, Unveil the 9 Treasures

Every journey follows a sequence, different steps, which is connected to numbers, since it follows the universal plan or the Dao. A journey has also a rhythm. In the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the book which carries ancient Sikh and Sufi wisdom, from where all the Kundalini Yoga mantras come from, this Journey of Self Discovery is expressed through the unveiling of 9 treasures. These 9 treasures are like different facets of your consciousness. It is an inner discovery through a quality of presence, through your capacity to observe yourself, nothing to get from outside.

Finding these treasures depends on your capacity to control your mind. This is the essence of Kundalini Yoga. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You will find the 9 treasures in the space between the thoughts, in the silence of your mind, in shunia. It is not something you look for, it is something you welcome. Don’t seek to be enlightened, don’t seek to become free of desire, become present, be there as the observer of the mind, be the “awakened one”.

Pain is inevitable as long as you are identify with your mind. As long as you are reactive, justifying, regretting, judging yourself and others, thinking that you know or that you are right,… your mind makes yourself very busy according to the past or future and you miss the here and now, you don’t see the treasures. We spend so much energy thinking instead of just simply being! Your emotions are a representation of these constant thinking process. Every thought that you identify to will manifest in your body as an emotion.


This 9 treasures are connected to the lives of the gurus, they are connected to the Tantric Numerology, to the 10 bodies, and to the lives of the Gurus. They have positive qualities when they are integrated but also draw backs when you have resistance to embrace their aspects, when the limited self / ego does not want to surrender or obey to your highest potential! Kundalini Yoga is a path of self-initiation, we will guide you toward this Journey, but you are the only one who can jump!

To be Reborn is too connect back to our primal qualities, an innocence and joy, a wish to give, to love and to be loved.

The 9 Treasures

Bharosa – Recognizing the synchronicity in life. A deep faith in the Divine and our Dependence of this Divine plan. The first connection to the Naad, to Wahe Guru.
Leenta – Capacity to obey. An absolute absorption in the Divine.
Santokh – Content in the here and now. Let go the belief system.
Pratyahar – Detachment or none identification from family, friends and worldly possessions.
Hukam – Acceptance of and total surrender to the will of the Divine.
Sehaj – Equilibrium of the mind.
Anand – Perpetual delight and permanent joy.
Vismaad – Ecstasy: joy plus wonderment, forgetting the self.
Nadar – An awaken soul considers god as the prime reason of his attainments and that his own efforts means nothing. The attitude keeps the ego away from the person.


Rebirthing Kundalini Yoga Workshop & Jappa: Unveil the 9 treasures from Ajai Alai Awakening

Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine in the Aquarian Age

The masculine is sovereignty, the crown upon your soul. Femininity is humility and unconditional love, the heart within the breast of your soul and together they make the whole soul essence."
- St. Germain

The Piscean Age of male, hierarchical control is giving way to the Aquarian Age of balance between the masculine and feminine principles. The influence of the new Aquarian Age will prompt each and every one of us to re-balance the masculine/feminine energies within our nature.

Along with all of the changes we are witnessing today, many are entering a new age for relationships as well. We must try to reach a healthy balance of the male/female energies that are part of one's make-up. As we look around the world today, that is beginning to happen. Many women are developing a greater sense of themselves. 

On the other hand, men have begun to nurture the tender qualities of their feminine side. However, we do not always have the tools and know-how for a true change. In increasing our consciousness, the quality of our partnerships will increase dramatically and we will also feel more in balance within ourselves as complete beings. 

A 3-day workshop to explore your polarities within you, how these polarities work in man and woman relationships, how to embrasse them: the path of tantra.

Tantric Numerology & The 10 Bodies

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Students who attended the 3 days workshop Balancing the masculine and the feminine in the Aquarian Age

Back to home from the Yin & Yang Energy Balance Workshop, the equilibrium still flows. Seeing the other half of mine, who’s by my side for 19 years, the first time, I drop the glasses of my projection with criticism, reproach, expectation, disappointment, comfort and so on. I found how simple and pure man he is! And I’m a complete and pure woman. We are like the first couple of man and woman in the Eden, whom open to each other and drink the amrit of love. - Beantjot Kaur

To be simple, I feel good. I felt the initiation and flow of the energy through the one to one collective practice at the beginning part of the course, in that space. The theme of the relationship went open, frank and honest. I’ve learned the circulation of relationship in the energetic level, and realize the importance and the starting point of the relationship, to let each other grow in a more harmonious way. - PaoPao 

The workshop is the integration in depth to my consisting growth and transformation during my life: the self-stability, acceptance, completion, strength, the balance of emotion, heart opening & softness, the trust and connection to the infinite self, be responsible on self to restrain of the victim cage, be myself…These haven’t been known by mind and expericed by moment, they are grounding down to my real life! I’m within my strength, within love…I’m grateful to the divine grace! - Anna 

I just wanna talk about the profound sense, 1, when practicing with the first mate; I felt my inner chilly point has been melted. 2, with the second mate, I felt I’m powerful and strong inside and I was able to force transmission to others. 3, with the third mate, I felt I’m happy and joyful. My mate told me my aura was bright and beautiful, I said I saw her face turn to be which of Buddha, the eyes to be which of God, I saw myself was God. 4) When I communicate with the teachers, I sensed perseverance and compassion. It makes me think of Yogi Bhajan, though I’ve never seen him. Thanks to all. - Sukhmeet Kaur